Because we always ask everyone what to pack anyway.

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Share your packing list with a whole social network, and figure out the best things to pack for your next get away. This is a community of travelers!


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You get to set your trip details, and we help you find the rest! From high/low temperature averages to most packed items, we want to give you all the info.


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With the ability to leave notes on your packing list, you will know what other people thought the must-haves are. You can just focus on the trip, and not hunting for the items you forgot.

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I can't say enough about this app. I knew to pack an umbrella for Seattle, but I would never have thought to bring good shoes for trucking through the rainy streets. Some times the no brainers are the ones you forget first!

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Being a designer requires looking right for every situation. This app helps me style my packing list for the area.

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World Traveler

I love traveling! This app is great because I can make specific lists for every location I want to go to AND get the weather! This app rocks!